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Re: Nutrient Limitation

>Date: Sun, 07 Dec 1997 05:52:17 -0800
>From: "Dixon, Steven" <stdixon at bechtel_com>
>dave wrote:  >>>Diana's systems of course are sediment based and allow
>the removal of BOTH N and P from the water column... a strong argument
>for fertile substrates in my mind... of course you cant have non-rooted
>plants under these conditions.>>>
>One of the interesting points about Diana's systems is that she has high
>levels of both N and P in the water column of her iron-limited tanks as
>I understand it.  She doesn't do the water changes that would keep those
>nutrients out of the water column and yet she has algae free tanks.

I've also experienced this situation in my 55g tank.  The water was fairly
old and slightly tinged with tannins.  The plants didn't grow quite as
quickly either, and didn't stream O2 when I injected CO2, but there was no
algae problem either.

David W. Webb, sleepy but proud father.