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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #1122

Subject: Karen`s System ?

>What system do you use ?? PMDD, Dupla Drops, Tablets ??

My system is not so different.  It is more a difference in philosophy and
execution. (after all, plants have the same needs. no matter where they
are)  I don't believe in the need to maintain nutrients at any specific
level, or the need to test with expensive test kits to make sure they stay
at those levels.  (I am _not_ saying that people shouldn't test if they
enjoy doing that...to each his own)  It _is_ perfectly possible to watch
your plants, and let _them_ tell you when they are iron deficient, or
nitrogen deficient, and that's how I prefer to do it.  

The other major difference between the way I manage my tanks and the
Sears/Conlin method is that When I _do_ feel that my plants require a
supplemental nitrogen source, I prefer to place it in the substrate, not in
the water column.  That _does_ mean that, because my water is nitrogen
poor, I can't grow mats of duckweed on to of my tank, but I can live with

As far as the specific fertilizers I use, I'll tell you what they are, but
I think that is completely a matter of choice.  I think that good results
can be obtained with a number of different products as long as all the
nutritional needs of the plants are met.  I personally use Dupla Laterite
in the substrate at large and pot plants that need more than that with
soil.  I use Tropica Mastergrow as my micronutrient supplement, and in
cases where I need to supplement N, I use Jobes Plant Food Spikes for Palms
and Ferns. (16-2-6)  


Subject: Re: Pellet Maker
>> PMDP   Poor Mans Dosing Pellets. We've developed a way to let you make
>> PMDD or about any other aquatic fertilizer formulation you might want
>> into pelleted form. This is a DIY kit...

>Anyone not affiliated with it that has tried it?  

I haven't used it, but I'd be surprised if it didn't do what they say it
does.  But it's a pretty simple piece of equipment.  And it does _nothing_
to address the problem I wrote about.  You still would have to find your
own sources of the various minerals, and make your own "pellets".  Then you
have to test (probably over, and over) to see if you got the concentrations
right to accomplish your goals.

We've used a similar device for over 100 years in the horse industry...
It's called a balling gun.  It's used to get a pill down thr throat of a
reluctant patient!<g>

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association