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Splitting Anubias rhizome, algaed Anubias, ...

I've got an Anubias nana that I picked up at auction that is huge.
The rhizome must be close to a foot long.  I've heard people talk
about splitting the rhizomes.  How should I do this?  Cut it with a
sharp knife, or snap it between two of the segments?  Does it really
matter where I separate it?

Question Number Two:  I keep primarily carnivorous Tanganyikans, which
do not bother plants, so I have Java Fern and/or Anubias in many of
them.  My problem (one I've often heard mentioned, but under
planted-tank conditions) is that the Anubias leaves always become
coated with algae.  It would be hard to limit N or P in most of the
tanks, due to their stocking densities, and they're lit by the
standard single strip, so I can't reduce lighting.  The only solution
I can think of is to keep enough Java Fern to limit nutrients in the
tank, or to include floating plants, but I haven't had much luck with
any floating plants other than hornwort, which is a mess.  Also, I
can't exactly drop oto's in...

One other Anubias Q -- Every time I bring an Anubias plant home, it
loses all of its leaves.  It's not dead, though -- it soon begins
throwing up new leaves.  This has even happened with plants I picked
up at auctions, which were almost definitely grown submersed.  This
was particularly bad when I picked up an Anubias with large (about
12") lanceolate leaves (Would have to look up the species -- starts
with s?).  That was almost two months ago, and I'm still watching it
slowly melt.  I cringe to think how long the new leaves will take to
reach that size.

Last question:  I know that Vallisneria will tolerate rift-lake
conditions, but all of my rooted plants are kept in tanks with soil
substrates, and my rift-lake tanks are sand, ranging from #1-#4.  Will
they do well in this substrate?

Thanx much,
Brian T Forsythe
crom at cris_com