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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #1122

I have a 4ft shop light with two t12's iinside. Yesterday when I was doing a
water change (had to lift up the shop light) my light started to flicker on
and off. It kept doing this no matter what sort of adjustment I would do. Both
lights did it simultaniuosly. No watter came in contact with the light or
cord! I tried taking bulbs out and putting them back, turning off and on, and
banging on it (that used to work for the Fonz). It finally stopped flickering
after I banged a couple of times on it. My lights are on a timer and when I
went down to check on the lights the next day, they were out. Did my ballast
burn out? I whacked it pretty gently, but do you think I broke it? If any one
has any advice about wheter I should by a new one or not let me know.