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Re: Allelopathy (cliff's message)

JOlson8590 wrote:
> Your suggestion that the List members operate, and record, experiments to the
> best of their abilities is EXCELLENT.  You are correct about the positive
> results from some plants growing together.  Gardeners often demonstrate this,
> rather convincingly, too!
> Anybody volunteer to do all the record keeping?

Is there a technical term for this opposite of allelopathy?

I would suggest that anecdotal evidence be contributed, and maybe
some folks could try to recreate any particularly striking instances
of these phenomena. Somehow I don't think a serious scientific study
could be done, with all the disparate conditions in volunteers' tanks
and absence of controls. But it would be interesting if results were
reproduced under these different conditions.

Cliff Lundberg
San Francisco
cliff at noevalley_com