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Where to buy Hygros?

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Subject: Where to buy Hygros?
Message-ID: <19971205.190310.13311.0.STULBERGREEN at juno_com>
From: stulbergreen at juno_com (Jacob G. Stulberg)
Date: Fri, 05 Dec 1997 19:06:57 EST

For those of you on the conference, I'm an eighth-grade science student
in Brooklyn, NY. I am currently buying materials for a yearlong project
and need to buy 20 "Hygrophilia polysperma"s (Hygros).  Or 16 if need be.
 So far I've had no luck finding a store in Brooklyn or Manhattan that
carries them.  Can anyone recommend a good aquarium store in NYC that
would have the plants I need?   
Deadline for supplies is Tuesday.

				Thanks a lot, 
				Jacob Stulberg
				STULBERGREEN at juno_com