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Re: Aphids

I'm not sure a salamander would be all that helpful.  Newts, mud puppies, and
the like prefer to eat underwater, and the vast majority of the others don't
like water. However, there are a number of smallish tree frogs indiginous to
the northern US that would prbably do quite well.  Each area seems to have its
own species.  The ones common to Baltimore County, MD are a particularly
attractive shade of green.  These guys would be easiest to gather in the
spring, while they are still tadpoles, or even eggs.  Remember, frog eggs are
laid in "globs", and toad eggs in strings.  Tree frog polliwogs are very small
compared to leopard or bull frogs.  Also, frog tadpoles are a different color
than toads.  One is brown and the other black.  I think the frogs are black,
but it has been a LONG time since I waded the nearby muck and snow melt with a
tin can, looking for polliwogs.

Bob Dixon-  in Boise, where El Nino is making it warm and dry (relatively