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JOlson8590 <JOlson8590 at aol_com> wrote:

> There are fully documented cases of woody plants and grasses that chemically
> inhibit or prevent the growth of competing species.
> ...
> Whether this occurs in aquatic species is not proven, __so far as I know.__ If
> there IS such an effect, the toxin will be clearly identifiable by chemical
> analysis, and the affect can then be demonstrated by adding the chemical
> substance to water containing the competing plants.
> ...
> ...the best we can do is to use proper Scientific analysis...

Then there's intercropping, where plants enhance each other's growth.

It would be great if an investigative project could be organized
among list members who volunteer to maintain a tank with certain
flora. Conditions wouldn't be perfectly controlled, but something
interesting might come out of it. I guess that to start, all the 
anecdotal evidence should be collected.

Cliff Lundberg
San Francisco
cliff at noevalley_com