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Bacopa strange color,low nutrients?

    I've been looking at my Bacopa caroliniana for the last 2 weeks and
I noticed at first a very rapid growth but also a change in color and
size of new leaves. I thought: "this is normal maybe strong light
laterite and CO2 can have this effects". Infact all the other plants
where growing bigger and nicer the only thing now that makes me think is
the color . The growth seems to be fast as well but the color of the
leaves became of a pale brown not the same of two week ago when it was
reddish brown. Maybe a nutrients deficiency occur. I had nitrogenum
reading zero till I started adding KNO3 three days ago but things did
not change except for a 5 mg/l NO3 reading.
Can this mean that maybe some nutrient is missing or it's just normal?
I'm using weekly the Dennerle product called Pflanzengold 7 because I
had problem with the PMDD. KH 4, GH 4, NO3 5 mg/l, PH below 7, CO2 near
20mg/l., almost 3 watt per gallon.

Hope you can help
Waiting for an algae bloom, but I hope not.
Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)