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Aqua Design Amano Products

Hi Chris and All!

Chris' post prompted me to send this message concerning the availability
of Aqua Design Amano products in the U.S.  I staff the Help Center for
Nature Aquarium Imports, L.C., the exclusive U.S. distributor for Aqua
Design Amano (www.natureaquarium.com).  

To start off, I think Dupla and ADA approach our wonderful hobby in two
distinct ways.  (In my opinion, of course)  Dupla wants to make an
optimally functioning aquarium.  To this end they make very high quality
electronic products.  These products allow you to control or al least
monitor much of what occurs in your aquarium.  Of course, they also
offer non-electronic products.

ADA views the aquarium as an attempt to learn and imitate nature. 
That's why they call their style of aquariums "Nature Aquariums."  They
are very concerned with the aesthetic beauty of the aquarium and thus
focus heavily on everything blending and matching with each other. 
Consequently, ADA products are designed to be almost invisible in the
aquarium and not detract from the overall appearance of the aquarium. 
In addition, their products are also designed to very high

Being an aquatic gardener for many years I was used to having to build
most of my products myself.  Or, finding alternatives to products I
couldn't get here in the U.S.  For example, we are all familiar with the
yeast CO2 system (kudos to whoever thought that one up) and, of course,
the shop lights for lighting and the ingenius PMDD.  Being a long time
member of this list, I know many of you derive a sense of pride and joy
building your own systems.  Many of you save a lot fo money in the
process.  That's wonderful and ADA hopes that some of their products
give you some more ideas.

However, there are people out there, me included, that are not very
handy.  Some people want to create a beautiful work of art where the
intake and outflow tubes, the CO2 disperser, etc. are almost invisible. 
Some people want the convenience and safety of ADA's CO2 System 74
Forest cartridges or maybe the light spectrum of their NA Lamps.  For
these people, ADA products are just what they need.

In bringing ADA products into the U.S., Nature Aquarium Imports (NAI)
tried to price them to be competitive with the products of similar
quality.  NAI also wanted to make ADA products accessible to as many
people as possible so tried to keep prices as low as possible.  Keeping
in mind that getting the products into the U.S. is VERY expensive
(freight, tariffs, insurance), I think they've managed to do that.  For
example, ADA offers a series of fluorescent bulbs which should be priced
lower than many of the Coralife bulbs.  ADA also offers many inexpensive
aquascaping products that anyone can afford such as the Riccia stones, 
Riccia line, Moss cotton, and Wood Tight.

So, in conclusion, as a consumer, I think one must strike a balance.  If
you feel comfortable doing it yourself, please do so.  It is very
rewarding.  However, if there is a certain type of product that you
don't feel comfortable doing it yourself, I hope you give some
consideration to ADA's line of products.  After having setup the first
American Nature Aquarium, I promise you won't be disappointed.  

In addition, through our web page, we are trying to provide the best
customer service in the business.  If you ever need any questions answer
with regards to products or the setup and maintenance of a nature
aquarium, all you need to do is drop us an email.  We respond within a
few hours.

Sorry about the long message.  I welcome you to see the ADA product line
on our online catalog at www.natureaquarium.com.


Art Giacosa, Help Center
Nature Aquarium Imports, L.C.
Exclusive U.S. distributor for Aqua Design Amano