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All I want for Christmas is ...

It's that time of the year again. Forced gift giving.  Instead of this
year's stupid Tabasco tie again, how about something for the old aquarium?
Maybe if our Significant Others had a suitable list, we might get what you

Let's see ...

12 Japanese Marsh Shrimp
11 Paint Ball CO2 cartridges
10 Anubias coffeeafolia
 9 AmmoLock cartridges
 8 feet of Tygon tubing
 7 pH test kits
 6 T8 full spectrum bulbs
 5 50 pound bags of TexBlast
 4 Powerheads
 3 Surface Extractors
 2 5500K 175w metal halide bulbs
 and a 200 watt Dupla heating cable system

No, seriously, what do you want?

George "I've already got everything"