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cost effective lighting

>Due to a tight budget, I'm trying to set up lighting as cost effective as
>possible.  Rather than investing in PennPlax,or PowerGlos, or Tritons, I'd
>like to do this with GE, etc.  Does anyone have a tank set up with
>something like this that still yields a fair amount of success?  What are
>you using(cool white, full spectrum, daylight, etc)?  I have room for up to
>eight 30watt bulbs for a 125G tank.

On my 90G/24''H tank I use 3xPhilips Daylight Dlx, 2xGE Chroma 50, 1xGE
Plant/Aquarium.  All bulbs are standard 40W/4'.  Haven't tried other
bulbs, but things that grow well include:  swords (amazon, radican),
jungle vallisneria, sunset hygrophila, java fern, crypt wendtii.  Lights
are on 14 hours/day.  The color rendering from this combination of lights
together with a slight yellow tint that I get from peat filtering is quite

-lars n