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Plant ID

I've been working with a plant for a couple of years now which I haven't
been able to identify.  I tried hard last night to ID it in my books
(including Baench I and II and Kasselmann) without success.  

The plant is routinely sold in San Francisco as Rotala Magenta.  I
haven't been able to find this name anywhere.  The plant certainly looks
like a Rotala.  It looks like an Indica with leaves 1/2 to 1 in. long.
The leaves are quite dark reddish, almost a maroon-purple as it grows
toward bright light.  At the top of the aquarium in bright light it
branches and grows like crazy spreading over the surface.  The closest
picture I have found is Ammania Senegaliensis (sp). but it's darker and
more red than the picture in Kasselmann's book.  I once thought it was
Ammania Gracilis, but the leaves seem more narrow than that and darker
as well.  

Any ideas?  Regards, Steve Dixon