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Vulcanic material as a substrate

> From: "Jos K.K. Liem" <liem at direct_ca>
> Subject: Vulcanic material as a substrate

> I wonder If anybody have experience in using volcanic as a
> substrate.
> Amano uses for several tanks vulcanic sand.
> Volcanic soil is usually  very fertile.

The Basin Sol pond substrate material sold here in Vancouver garden
stores contains pumice. It also has a certain amount of peat, sand about
aquarium gravel in consistency and mentions trace nutrients (presumably
in small dose). I've used some of it quite successfully in one tank but
with other materials. I think it is quite low in organic fertility but
otherwise seems to be a good choice. It is highly recommended for ponds.
The pond keeper at the Garden Centre on Lougheed highway said this stuff
made the difference between night and day for pond plants. I think heavy
fertilizer tablets are also used for heavy feeders like pond lilies.

Steve P