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Re: New kind of CO2 kit (electrode-based)

> *Subject: New kind of CO2 kit ( electrode-based ) *From: "Chiao Lun"
> <ccl at cheerful_com> *Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 08:58:15 +0800 
> I saw a CO2 kit at my LFS the other day and the cover said it put two
> electrodes in the water and one of the electrodes would be made of
> carbon.

	I would expect hydrogen and oxygen to be produced.

> The Carbon electrode has a negative charge and the carbon reacts with
> the
> oxygen produced while the other electrode bubbles hydrogen.

	Interesting - the negative electrode would produce _hydrogen_.

		H+  +  e-  ->  1/2 H2

	Oxygen is formed at the positive electrode.
> The device is marked 150W and costs US$200

	That is a _lot_ of power, and a lot of money.  Buy a cylinder
of CO2, a regulator and a control valve.  It will be cheaper to buy
and run, and _will_ work.

> Is such a device possible?
	Not that way, I think.

Paul Sears        Ottawa, Canada