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Hi all.  Its a long time since since I've posted (and even then my QNGA :-)

My current problem is an infestation of aphids on emergent crypts and floating
plants in a small tank.  The tank is half full of water and has a small self-
sustaining population of killifish. The crypts (undulata and wendtii) are
potted. The aphids  particularly seem to relish the flowers and destroy them
before they have a chance to fully open.

I have tried numerous DIY non-chemical means of eradicating the aphids -

1.  scraping and squashing them (The survivors multiplied quickly)

2.  covering the tank with cling plastic and injecting CO2 under pressure
(Knocked the aphids down, but not out.  Family called in men in white coats.), 

3.  introducing 10 ladybirds (drowned within a day. I was berated by children)

4.  raising and lowering the water level to try to drown or dislodge the aphids
(killis had a nice feed, but too many aphids survived).

Does anyone have a fish-friendly cure for aphids? I assume some of the
paludarium folk get them occasionally. Or is it just me?

Paul Garrett