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RE: Plenum method

> From: Cliff Mason <lcmason at ici_net>
> Subject: Plenum method

> I will be setting up a 90g tank soon and I was wondering if anyone has
> applied the plenum filtration method used in mini-reef tanks  to a
> freshwater system

I have this in my 180g plant tank.  The goal in reef systems is to provide 
an anoxic layer under the substrate for denitrifying bacteria.

I can't tell that it does anything.  My nitrate levels are pretty much 
zero on all my tanks, including this one (but I have light fish loads).
You might think about it for heavy fish loads, but I don't think it's 
worth the trouble.  I'm making designs for a 720g tank and it won't
have this plenum.

I did do some other "clever" things including establishing a nutrient
drip-system that injects veeeeerrrrrrrry slowly under the substrate
(one of my motivations for the plenum).  I really like the result on
that-- dosing is uniform under the substrate leaving a relatively
nutrient poor water column.

charleyb at cytomation_com