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re: Fuzzy white stuff

I missed the beginning of this thread but will chime in now.  I recently
added a large piece of Mopani wood to a 29G tank without soaking it first
and, within a day, the wood was sprouting slimy white streamers.  I can
only assume this is the product of decomposition of the wood after becoming
immersed.  In my case it has nothing to do with yeast CO2 because there's
no CO2 added to that tank.

Warning:  The slime can clog your filter something fierce; I've been
cleaning my filter out twice a day.  Had to do a 50% water change when I
found the resident fish gasping at the surface; resolved to remove the wood
if *that* happened again.

Lesson to me:  Never add wood to a tank again without soaking it for an
extended period of time first.