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HQI lamp

Hi there,
            I'm having very good results with my new aquarium set up.
It's 40 days now and my aquarium works very well, plants are growing
very fast and I need to prune and replant every week. My Anubias is
growing 2-3 new leaves a week. I don't have algae at all except for a
little blue-green algae problem during the first days now totally
Nitrates always read zero but plants are not showing any nitrogenum
The problem is this: now that I'm having good plants and a nice aquarium
I would like to go with a 55g tank, my 12 gallon tank doesn't fit my
needs anymore. I'd like to grow some bigger plants and also I want to
let them grow outside the water and see some flowers. I'm thinking about
a 60*60*60cm  aquarium and a good HQI lamp. Can anyone of you tell me a
good bulb for that light? I have an HQI lamp for the garden and inside
there is a Sylvania bulb.

HQI is the same of MH ?

Thanks in advance
Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it).