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Re: Water Conditioners

>Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 06:39:14 -0800
>From: "Dixon, Steven" <stdixon at bechtel_com>
>Subject: Water Conditioners
>George wrote:
>>>It depends to a great deal on which water conditioner you use. If it's
>a simple dechlorinator, there is no problem.  If it does something
>with "heavy metals", it will probably affect trace elements like iron.
>Some even have phosphates as buffers (StressCoat, I believe).>>
>Thanks George.  Will a "simple dechlorinator" handle chloramines
>(whatever they are)?  Apparently the tap water here in San Francisco has
>chloramines added.  So I'm guessing that unless chloramines are okay for
>plants and fish (are they?), I've got to use a conditioner that handles
>them as well.
>Can anyone suggest some commercial brands of "simple dechlorinators"?
>Regards, Steve


From personal (tragic) experience, I can tell you that simple dechlorinators
will NOT work with chloramine...you're left with ammonia which my fish did
not like during a water change.  Since then I have used AmQuel (from Kordon
I believe) which neutralizes chlorine, chloramine, and ammonia.  One
disadvantage is that if you use a Nessler method ammonia test kit (which
most inexpensive ones are) it will give you readings for the neutralized
ammonia that was in the chloramine which can give you a scare if you're not
ready for it.

Hope this helps,