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What is KNO3 & where can I find it? [was re: Green Water / BGA]

>Date: Wed, 26 Nov 1997 08:59:43 -0800
>From: MP <pearlsco at u_washington.edu>
>Subject: Re: Green Water / BGA
[Big Snip]
>So now knowing that having nitrate being a limiting nutrient supports
>green water growth, it is easy to eliminate it without filters,
>additives, medications, etc.  Just add nitrates to the tank (KNO3 works
>well).  By SUSTAINING a low level of nitrates (3-5ppm) in the tank, you
>force the nutrient balance to shift.  This will cause phosphates to
>become limiting.  Given time, this will cause the plants to thrive and
>green water to fail.  Be patient, as it does normally take a little
>bit.  A lot does depend on how turbid the green water is, how many
>plants you have in the tank, how much you fertilize (and what you
>fertilize with), and the bioload of the tank.

I keep reading about adding nitrates to a tank and people suggesting KNO3.
But, what is KNO3 and where can I get it?