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Sodium Biphosphate and Other Sorrows

I spent some time talking with my Chemist son late last night. The MAIN
problem is that Chemists now use different (and much more accurate)
terminology. They don't use terms like "Sodium Biphosphate," as it is
inaccurate. He could not even FIND the term, "Sodium Biphosphate" in his
reference books!  Which, of course, does not help US at all!

So you might be talking about Na4P2O7, or Na2HPO4.

Not much help, right?

Well, I can give you the atomic weights at least. They have not changed. :-)

Na=23, H=1, O=16, and P=31

I hope this is of some assistance, not just more annoyance!


Jean Olson
JOlson8590 at AOL_com
Out in the Boonies, near
Cambridge, Iowa