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Sterilizing nutrient mix

> i am trying to find out information about a sterilization technique for
> alga media (f/2).  i have heard that a chlorination/dechlorination
> process is effective.  is there any information out there about this
> process...particularly which chemicals to buy and how much to add.

I suggest sterilization by filtration using a 0.22 um filter (I use the
disposable ones from Nalgene). The reason is that many nutrient mix
formulations contain B vitamins. The one I use, a modified Guillard's
f/2, contains thiamine, biotin and cyanocobalamin. I would be worried
about a strong oxidizing agent like chlorine denaturing the vitamins.
Same with autoclaving. Filtration with a 0.22 um filter is both safe and

Shiao Y. Wang
University of Southern Mississippi
sywang at whale_st.usm.edu