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More green water

OK I may not have all the facts about exactly but I do know that the
dried bacteria worked.  I may be wrong but the correlation seemed to be
very strong.  At any rate a new setup is likely not to be very affected
by the "tremendous filter capacity" of the plants we put in it.  Most
store bought plants come with little root structure and aren't very
effective filters 'till they get established.  This in combination with
the die-off of the lower leaves and some of the transplant stock is
likely to produce an nutrient spike.  I believe it was in The Optimum
Aquarium that it suggested that plants released antibiotic like
properties into the water.  This could effect the establishment of a
bacteria colony.  This would of course leave allot of ammonia free for
what ever floating plague happened to drift in.  This would of course
block the light and slow the development of the plants.  I in fact don't
know why it worked all I know is that it did.  The advice came from
someone else who had a similar experience so that is a minority of two
but a minority that I am happy to live in because we don't have floating
clouds in our tanks.   Also support your LFS without it you wuold
probably not be in the hobby.  You might be out enjoying the sunshine.