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Re: Water conditioners and chloramine

Don Hutton
11/26/97 09:09 AM
Steve wrote:

>>>Thanks George.  Will a "simple dechlorinator" handle chloramines
(whatever they are)?  Apparently the tap water here in San Francisco has
chloramines added.  So I'm guessing that unless chloramines are okay for
plants and fish (are they?), I've got to use a conditioner that handles
them as well.<<<

I've been wondering about this also because my chlorinated well water will
soon be
replaced by municipal water treated with chloramine.

My limited understanding is that chloramine is chlorine bound with ammonia
and is a more
stable form of chlorination.  It seems to me that a product which
eliminates the
chloramine would also strip the ammonia we use to fertilize our plants and
wouldn't be suitable for use in a planted tank.

I read an article in AFM about a planted discus tank where the author
states he
doesn't worry about the chloramine in his water changes because the plants
the ammonia and the pH is low.  The magazine editor added that this was not
recommended practice.

Does activated carbon remove chloramine?  If so, why doesn't it remove
ammonia from