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Re: PETA, not the other side, THE FAR SIDE !

Aaron, I appreciate the thought that went into your post and tend to agree
with most of it.

My problem with PETA is the same as with many similar organizations.
They mean well and they "care", therefore everyone excuses them for their
mistakes, errors, and sometimes even malicious actions.

You read it that they are mainly objecting to the keeping of " Salt water
I disagree. They say" Fishes in Tanks: NO THANKS !"

Their whole platform leaves no room for moderation. With their attitude,
either you are for them, or, you are against them ! They don't allow middle

I happen to agree with quite a few point they make and would support some of
their views, however, with their attitude they do as much harm as good. Look
some of the stupid laws passed about plants and their transportation in
certain states.
I'm not blaming PETA for them but other similar organizations.

People like this are teaching our children that the aquarium hobby is a
terrible thing.

Sorry to rant like this, but I'm tired of overlooking or forgiveing people
because they "meant well"
even though they harmed many people. PETA would do away with the Aquarium
Industry if the had their way.

I wonder if an E-Mail from every hobbiest about the way they present their
subject would help?
It probably would'nt, but it sure would keep them busy.

Enough said from someone that says "other" people take themselves too
seriously !

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From: Aaron Harper <aharper at DCG_FE.DEFENCE.GOV.AU>
Date: Tuesday, November 25, 1997 7:40 PM
Subject: Re: PETA

>Hi Janice
>I believe that PETA was specifically talking about salt water tanks, which
>definitely need 2 weeks, if not 3 or 4 weeks, for maturing.  However, if
>you are beginning a fresh water tropical tank, one week should be plenty to
>ensure that all the factors such as water temp, PH, hardness, etc, have
>stabilised, and are ready for new fish.
>A few notes about what PETA has written:
>a)  It seems their main concern is with the capture and captivity of salt
>water fishes.
>I believe there has been concern for quite some time about the collection
>methods of some fish divers.  Obviously the practice of using cyanide to
>capture fish would be discouraged by fish keepers and those against fish
>keeping alike.
>b)  It is true that many of the larger salt water fish species are kept in
>tanks far too small for them.  I have seen large salt water angels kept in
>4 foot tanks - that is cruelty, especially to such a regal animal that has
>had the whole ocean to swim in before captured.
>c)  PETA has no complaints about fish farms except that they create new
>species of fish.  Is there anything wrong with this - eg: varieties of
>angel fish, long finned fish, etc, albino's and other color variations,
>etc.  As for coloring fish by painting, any serious fish keeper would be
>strongly against this practice.
>d)  While PETA are trying to discredit keeping fish in tanks, they then go
>and talk about Blackie and Big Red who, IN A FISH TANK, are happy enough to
>have quite an extrordinary relationship.  Whats their point? Sounds like
>fish can live quite happily in a good tank environment from their "fish
>facts".  As for the noise of filter and pumps disrupting
>communication........well, we can all search for some publication to prove
>our points, cant we!
>While PETA have go way overboard is supporting a boycott of all aquarium
>shops, they have a point.  We, as fish hobbyists, should only support
>reputable dealers, who buy their fish from genuine fish catchers (not fish
>dopers), and have a genuine interest in keeping their fish in a healthy,
>clean, and as natural environment as possible.  We, individually, must
>always try to also keep our fish in the best environment we can.  The fact
>fish breed in aqariums means they must be satisfied to a certain extent.  I
>know mine seem more than content.