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Re: Green water

>>>>> Adam R Novitt <novitt at javanet_com> (here: "ARN"),
>>>>> on Tue, 25 Nov 1997 16:48:09 -0500,
>>>>> pondered the meaning of life, then wrote down:

    ARN> I've had a hellacious greenwater problem in one of my tanks that would
    ARN> not go away.  I tried it all, eretromyacin, kyacin, water clearing
    ARN> products, Magnum filters, Diatom powders and super water changes with
    ARN> RO water up to 25% a day.  What finally did it was that that freeze
    ARN> dried bacteria that people add to their tanks at startup.  The only
    ARN> time I've heard of greenwater of this magnatude is in planted
    ARN> tanks. Actually I don't think its BG algea at all but rather floating
    ARN> bacteria. I think that plant may give off into or deplete from the
    ARN> water a chemical that interfears with the normal establishment of an
    ARN> attached nitrobacteria colony.  Anyway it is alot cheaper to try than
    ARN> a Magnum filter.

Are you sure you're sending this to the right mailing list?  You sound like
you're dealing with fish-only tanks.  From the stuff you've tried, it sounds
like you haven't read through the Krib website, the FAQ, or read any archived
digests.  The Krib and/or the archives have discussions on why "nitrobacteria" 
is not necessary in a well-planted tank as well as how to treat BG algae 
without making your LFS rich.

For the record, I've seen more plantless tanks with algae problems than 
planted tanks with algae problems.  Not only that, almost all of the fish-only 
people I know have no idea what causes algae problems.  Most of them will 
blame anything they can think of, including "bits of plants that got caught 
in the digestive tract of their new fish".  While this may be true, their own 
hands could just as easily carry algae into the tank.

*Algae Happens*, it's just a matter of knowing how to squelch it.

Carlos E. Munoz <cmunoz at crystal_cirrus.com>