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RE: Dennerle philosophy

>In view of this, oxidation doesn't seem to matter much for most
>trace elements.  Further, that shouldn't give algae an advantage
>over rooted plants, but the other way around as Roger pointed out.

I really do aggree with that !

>I don't want to pick any fights, but if this is an adequate representation
>of the Dennerle method, then I'm not very impressed.  Perhaps it
>is merely "old science" that we can look back upon with a sad
>shaking of the head.

One thing that could be a part of the answer, is that they don't have nice healthy plants at Dennerle. I think that the philosophy of Dennerle is in fact an old point of view - more than a real philosophy - and I do prefer the real philosophy of Kaspar Horst at Dupla. Try to find some more answers to basic and advance questions at :


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