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Subject: solving algae problem

Date: Mon, 24 Nov 1997 18:04:16 PST
From: "ali muhammad" <tilan at hotmail_com>
Subject: solving algae problem

<<I have one hell of a major algae problem in both tanks.
green algae, red, the spot on glass and water is also
slightly green.
I can't seem to control the bloom.>>

*Try some shading  (25%, 50% or 75%) with a fabric or other
*Put fish from the Carp family ( e.g.  25 small gold fish).
* Try to keep temperature at a lower range if possible.
*Minimize use of fertilizer until algae growth is contained.

Have a nice day,

From: Jos K.K. Liem
New Westminster BC, Canada
Ph+1-(604)-525-7229 E-mail: liem at direct_ca