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Re: water conditioners

> > conditioners we use adversely affect the macro and trace elements we add
> > at water changes?  Thanks in advance.
> I don't know the answer to this, so I'll sit on the sideline and cheer for
> George.

Oh, I was supposed to get this one?

It depends to a great deal on which water conditioner you use. If it's
a simple dechlorinator, there is no problem.  If it does something
with "heavy metals", it will probably affect trace elements like iron.
Some even have phosphates as buffers (StressCoat, I believe).  

I would recommend NOT using the fancier water conditioners unless you
have a very good reason. Perhaps the APD can suggest some which have
proven to be safe.  We personally use Duplagan and have had very good
luck with it (I'm not sure what it's doing for us but you can't argue
with superstition).  

Another option is to pretreat the water in a holding tank before
adding it to the aquarium.  Allow the conditioner to condition all it
wants (hopefully neutralizing itself).  Then when the pure, fresh <g>
water is added to the tank, it won't affect the trace element
additions.  However, I bet this wouldn't work because there will still
probably be some active conditioner left even after it has already
conditioned the water. Maybe running it through phosphate-free GAC on
the way to the tank would help.

If only the manufacturers of these magic potions would be more
explicit in their information ...

Sometimes it's obvious why a question never got answered <g>

George Booth in Ft. Collins, Colorado (booth at fii_com)
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