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Re: Green Water / Powerheads

> Since I'm on a roll, how about a 3rd question?  I've been practicing
> "patience" with a green water problem in my 3 mo. old rainbow tank.
> I've been testing to see if anything unusual is going on.  The biggest
> surprise is nitrates.  Despite the fish load and the addition of 4-8
> mg./l nitrate (from KNO3) at water changes, the nitrates drop to 0.0
> (LaMotte) within a few days.   Other tank parameters:
> 40 gal. reg; pH 7.2 (mornings) ~7.4 (afternoons); GH 5; dKH 10
> CO2 12-20 mg./l; phosphates - always 0.0 (Hach)
> Any ideas?  I've been wondering if the lighting isn't too bright.  But
> since several recent notes have commented that cf lighting doesn't
> produce more light per watt, I should be okay at 2.75w/gal? Right?  My
> LFS thought a "micron" filter pad would filter out the green algae (the
> label said it would filter down to 10 microns in a canister).  I added
> 4 layers to the Eheim with no effect on the green water.


This is very interesting.  Both your nitrates and phosphates read zero? 
What is your turbidity like?  How often do you test the tank water?  How
often do you do the water changes?

It's true that most micron cartriges have a hard time filtering out
green water.  You might try one of those particulate binding
(coagulating) products to see if that does the job.

Write to me private as I'd like to discuss it some more.

> Jeromy,
> I have been contemplating doing the same.  I believe the 660R is just the
> 660 with the Penguin Reverse Flow Kit.  Since a 660 has adjustable flow rate
> I assume the 660R does as well.
> I am leaning toward the AquaClear 402 or 802 which both have reverse flow
> selectors as well as adjustable flow rates.  However when in reverse flow
> mode they only turn over about half the amount of water as in normal mode
> (i.e. 402=270gph forward/125gph reverse; 802=400gph forward/175gph reverse)
> Kevin Hanson


While the AquaClears are great powerheads, they are not adjustable in
reverse flow.  When putting them in reverse flow you lock them in to an
"open" position.  In addition to this, they have a small grating in
their side that draws the water in in the reverse flow mode.  I find
that it clogs easy and has a really strong suction (as it sucked a few
of my tetras in through the grating up to their heads, which got
stuck).  Needless to say, I would not use them in reverse flow if the
fish are not protected from them by a netting or such.

I've never used the peguin model, but think it would work better with
the spongue to protect the fish.


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