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Bad smell from yeast-generated CO2

Hi folks,

I have a question for you.  I have been using the yeast/sugar CO2 method
for over 2 years now with no problem.  I use the standard 1 cup of sugar to
1/2 teaspoon of yeast (plus baking soda, although I probably don't need it
since my water is very hard).  The solution usually lasts about 3 weeks.  I
run the output hose from the CO2 bottle to the bottom of another 1 liter
bottle filled 3/4 with water (a bubble counter), then another airhose from
the top of the bubble counter into the diffusing bell in the aquarium.  In
the last few months, however, the CO2 quit producing earlier than usual,
and the mixture turned somewhat yellow.  The water in the bubble counter
turned a bright yellow, and when I removed the cap, it had a very strong
rotten-egg smell (had to evacuate the house everytime ;-)  The smell is
much worse from the bubble counter than from the CO2-generating bottle
itself.  However, when I "burp" the diffuser bell, it doesn't smell at all.

Can anyone tell me what's happening?  Is my yeast getting old?  Do I have
contamination from somewhere?  I have eliminated the bubble counter from my
setup at the last refill.  I wonder if that could be the problem somehow.