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Re: QYNGA - ORP levels for Freshwater Planted Tanks

David Aiken wrote:

> Other comments made are that as the redox potential falls, ammonia
> becomes favoured over nitrate between +450 and +300 mV ( a later comment
> says at less than +350 mV), and Fe2+ over Fe3+ at between +300 and +200
> mV.
> Does +500 mV sound like a reasonable ball park figure to aim for? I hope
> so because I'd hate for you to stop reading this list <g>.

But plants cannot take the Fe3+, which means all liquid iron
supplement will oxide quickly.  You better have a good substrate that
can supplement the iron or reduce the Fe3+.

More money to Dupla, I guess :).

Louis Lin

Louis Lin             lhclin at aw_sgi.com
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