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Re: CaCl2;K Source;Silver


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>Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 07:12:14 -0800 (PST)
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>Subject: Re: CaCl2;K Source;Silver
>	Steve,
>		Calcium Chloride would be a good way to go for a source of
>Calcium.  It shouldn't have any effect on pH/KH.  As you know, Calcium
>won't have any effect on KH by itself, and neither should Chloride ions.
>There has been at least one thread on one of the news groups (I have the
>posts on file somewhere if you're interested) about whether NaCl would
>affect pH. The main point of contention was the Cl ions, if memory serves. 
>Interestingly enough, I have an article in one of the mags
>from Karen which suggests adding CaCl2 to raise KH...another Karen
>misquote/bad editing, I guess <g>.
>	Guillermo,
>		Guillermo, your if your tank needs K, and has 0 nitrates,
>you are the perfect canditate for KNO3, Potassium Nitrate.  It is commonly
>sold as "Stump Remover".  One point: make sure your Nitrates are really 0.
>Although I am a big fan of the Wardley kit because it is cheap and easy to
>use (only two stages!) and is accurate enough for many purposes (I've
>checked it against more expensive kits), there is sometimes a problem with
>the #2 reagent which leads  to false readings of 0.  Yuck! What an ugly
>sentence that was ;-(.
>	Colloidal Silver;
>		There was a (somewhat contentious) thread on this subject
>in rec.marine.reefs (?) not too long ago.  Ross Drewe (?) had some some
>interesting things to say.  Check dejanews.
>			Andrew, who is compiling his QYABNGA ;-)