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Re: Surface scum


The surface scum seems to be a difficult one. Like your case I
have 2 tanks that share the following: same water source, same fish load
(different fish though), approx same plant density (some plants
same, some different). Aside from the volume of water (which
cannot possibly influence scum growth) the difference is I use
peat in the filter of one system. This is the tank that develops
the scum. The scum comes and goes in cycles, seemingly unrelated
to whether the filter is clean or "dirty" (cleaned about every 2
The pH is 6.8 to 7 in both, DIY CO2, lighting is at least 2W/gal
in both systems.
One other thing, there are little (< 1mm) "fleas" that I can see
jumping on the scum patches. Could these little cretins be
I'm curious about this stuff because it is telling us something
about the system. Whereas my tank inhabitants seem to be happy
campers it would be interesting to know what this stuff is and why it
Yes we can go and buy an Eheim 3535 Surface extractor (it's on my
Xmas wish list) but inquiring minds gotta know! :)

Long-windedly yours

Marshall Wilkinson
Calgary Alberta