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Re: Hydrogen Peroxide, SAE feeding and Ceomat

There are two applicators of H202 for the aquarium -- one made in the U.S.
and one from Germany ("The Oxygenator" from Aquarium Products and the
"Oxydator" from a German company with the same name).  The German one makes
algae claims, but the American one does not (probably due to EPA
restrictions regarding an algaecide).  Both utilize stronger hydrogen
peroxide than is available in the drugstore and it is "activated" by a
catalyst pellet.

Here I go again with cucumber -- it's so easy to feed and really
inexpensive.  It does not keep the SAEs from eating algae, but it does keep
them from nibbling at certain soft plants that they seem to enjoy when
cucumber is not offered.  They seem to have a voracious appetite and will
eat anything that you feed your regular fish, but that is not enough for
them -- hence, the cucumber.  Many fish seem to enjoy nibbling at this
vegetable and Altum Angels wait around for the softer seeds, so what can
hurt?  Of course, Clown Loaches love cucumber and will stop punching holes
in Amazon leaves.  I also noted that "That Fish Place" actually has a
cucumber feeder advertised.

"Ceomat" looked like a nice piece of equipment, and The Aquarium Center in
Randallstown, MD bought a number of them which sold quickly.  However, they
were all returned to the store because of a defect.  I don't know if this
has been rectified now that the company has been purchased by Red Sea (but
they still advertise under the Aqua-Medic name -- from Germany).