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Re: CaCl2;K Source;Silver

		Calcium Chloride would be a good way to go for a source of
Calcium.  It shouldn't have any effect on pH/KH.  As you know, Calcium
won't have any effect on KH by itself, and neither should Chloride ions.
There has been at least one thread on one of the news groups (I have the
posts on file somewhere if you're interested) about whether NaCl would
affect pH. The main point of contention was the Cl ions, if memory serves. 
Interestingly enough, I have an article in one of the mags
from Karen which suggests adding CaCl2 to raise KH...another Karen
misquote/bad editing, I guess <g>.


		Guillermo, your if your tank needs K, and has 0 nitrates,
you are the perfect canditate for KNO3, Potassium Nitrate.  It is commonly
sold as "Stump Remover".  One point: make sure your Nitrates are really 0.
Although I am a big fan of the Wardley kit because it is cheap and easy to
use (only two stages!) and is accurate enough for many purposes (I've
checked it against more expensive kits), there is sometimes a problem with
the #2 reagent which leads  to false readings of 0.  Yuck! What an ugly
sentence that was ;-(.


	Colloidal Silver;
		There was a (somewhat contentious) thread on this subject
in rec.marine.reefs (?) not too long ago.  Ross Drewe (?) had some some
interesting things to say.  Check dejanews.

			Andrew, who is compiling his QYABNGA ;-)