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QYNGA: Surface Scum

> From: "Frank I. Reiter" <FIR at istar_ca>
> Subject: QYNGA: Surface scum
> Early this summer I setup two 120 gallon aquariums each w/2 175W MH lights. 
>  *One* of them has had a persistent problem with surface scum, which comes 
> and goes not apparently in response to anything I am doing.  The problem 
> tank is ~ pH 6.6, the other ~7.2 - aside from that there are no differences 
> that I  can see making a difference.  (different plant and fish choices, 
> but similar amounts of both in each tank.)

Ha!  This one was answered (to some small extent) on the newsgroup a
couple weeks back. :)

> 1) What *is* this scum?

Proteins, oil, algae, etc.  Could be from the fish food type, amount, etc.

> 3) How can I encourage it to go away and stay away?

As you mention in your original, the only sure fire way I've been able
to stop surface scum has been to use an airstone in the tank, skim the
surface (which is the best), or keep lots of floating plants.

  - Erik

Erik Olson				
eriko at wrq.com