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RE: Crypto. Williamsi

>Saturday I purchased loads of plants from Minnesota Aquarium >Soceity
>Auction. I picked up something labled 'cryptocoryne williamsi'.
>I never heard of that before. Its reddish in color maybe 4 inchs >tall
>It appears to have the same sorta leaf as the wendtii, just much >redder.
>Anyone know if this is the same thing or is williamsi just an old >name.??

Hi Mike.
Probably you have got Cryp.undulata Wendt. Synonyms of this plant
Cryp.willisii Engler ex Baum and Cryp.axelrodii Rataj. Blades of submersed
plants are green-brown to red and margins are undulated. Height of a plant
up to 20cm. This well known plant is described in many books, for example:
"Aquarium plants" Rataj K. and Horeman T. TFH 1977 and "Cryptocorynen"
Jacobsen, N., 1982., Alfred Kernen Verlag, Stuttgart. Probably mistake has
arisen because of a wrong spelling and name Cr.willisii (this old name of
Cr.undulata) was transformed in Cr.williamsi.
 I am sorry for my bad English. Alexey
Alexey Bednii
Kishinev,  Moldova (former USSR)
E-mail: alexey at alpar_mldnet.com