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Re: SAE's eating and playing habits

One thought on SAEs eating tender young plants. These are generally
larger active fish and probably have a good appetite.  Maybe the ones
that are eating plants are not getting enough algae?  Maybe you need
to get more algae growing. (ARRRGH! SACRILEGE!) 

In our discus tank, the SAEs are always the first to hit the frozen
cubes or flake food but still can be seen grazing all over the tank
most of the rest of the time.  In the Rainbowfish tanks, of course,
the SAEs barely have a chance to see the food hit the water. 

So, here's a new topic that may Never Get Answered: how do you provide
the *right* amount of the *right* types of algae for the algae eaters
you are depending on to eat it?  Talk about walking a tightrope! 

Re: Aggressiveness.  Yep, ours do a lot of "chasing" among themselves.
"SAEs just wanna have fun?"  Courting rituals?  We notice sometimes one
or the other will go very pale when they are "dancing". I could swear
that the two in one of our 'bow tanks are spawning every so often (it
sits next to the TV, so we can watch them a lot).  No fry ever appear;
I suspect conditions aren't right based on the breeding report posted
a while ago.  And if any fry did appear, they wouldn't last very long!