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Re: Unanswered question

> Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 00:54:56 -0500
> From: "K. A. Bryant" <smskahj at netacc_net>
> Speaking of unanswered questions :-), am I the only one who doesn't
> understand why the following was never discussed.  I thought it was
> interesting and could only lamely guess at the correct answer.

Even though you didn't share your guess with us, I'll go ahead and
make my guess.

> >Date: Mon, 06 Oct 1997 16:40:14 -0400
> >From: Ryan Murray <rmm at acpub_duke.edu>
> >Subject: When to dose PMDD? 
> >
> >Does it make a difference at what time of day one doses PMDD or other
> >oxidizable trace elements?  In other words, is morning dosing inferior
> >because of 12 hourse exposure to bright light?  Do plants use more trace
> >nutrients at night or during the day.  I suspect that since growth
> >occurs at night this would be the optimum time for dosing.  Any thoughts
> >would be much appreciated.

My guess is that the best time to add PMDD or Dupla drops or Xyzzy's
Magic Potion would be right before the lights come on. This way the
plants can start using the trace elements *for photosynthesis* as soon
as light energy is available AND before the trace elements have time
to oxidize.

AFAIK, the carbohydrates and/or sugars (help me here Paul, Dave, Jean,
Roger, Charley) generated during photosynthesis are used at night for
growth. Some but not all (?) trace elements in the water are used at
night for growth (?).

But, if you insist on turning off the CO2 when the lights go off "so
the fish don't die" (Aquarium Myth #613), then there will not be proper
levels of CO2 until sometime after the lights (and CO2) come back on.
In this scenario, you will need to add PMDD later.

Of course, this degree of sophistication is much like debating how
many SAEs can dance on the top of an Anubias coffeeafolia leaf. 

Add the drops in the morning. 


OK, I'm starting to feel bad about all the questions I never answered
because I thought "someone else would do it".  I call for an open
season on "Questions You Never Got Answered". Send'em in folks. I'll
bet they get answered this time.  Be sure to mark them as "QYNGA" so
we can give them priority.

Perhaps we can collect them into a FAQ appendix "Frequently Asked
Questions That Never Get Answered". No kidding.

George in Sunny Colorado