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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V2 #1084

> Does anyone out there know of any chat rooms out there where people =
> discuss this kind of stuff? I'd really like to be able to have sort of a =
> conversation with some of you who are experienced aquarium enthusiasts. =
> Thanks.
> Shane

FishRoom is a MUD chat room for aquarium enthusiasts that supports nearly
1,400 active users from over 30 different countries. The FishRoom web site
is at http://kplace.monrou.com;  the site provides pretty detailed
instructions on how to access FishRoom using telnet or MUD client
software.  It also provides a Java applet link directly to FishRoom.  I am
one of the administrators of FishRoom.

There are also some IRC channels devoted to aquarium keeping, but you're
on your own when it comes to finding them.  Check with the rec.aquaria.*
news groups.

David Wheeler once promoted weekly meetings in FishRoom for planted tank
enthusiasts and several regular APDers (Dave Gomberg, David Webb, Liisa
Sarakontu and Erik Olsen come to mind) attended those.  I recall that even
George Booth occasionally graces the stage at FishRoom.

Alas, Mr. Wheeler's meetings are no more.  I'd like to invite any and all
who can to visit FishRoom.  With increased participation by aquatic
gardeners maybe we can restart those regular meetings.  With enough
interest maybe we can even encourage gurus like George and Karla Booth,
Karen Randall or Claus Christianson to address the group.

Roger Miller

(who really hopes he didn't offend anyone by including them or excluding
them from the lists of names in the letter)