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Fractured names

>Saturday I purchased loads of plants from Minnesota Aquarium Soceity
>Auction. I picked up something labled 'cryptocoryne williamsi'.
>I never heard of that before. Its reddish in color maybe 4 inchs tall with
>It appears to have the same sorta leaf as the wendtii, just much redder.
>Anyone know if this is the same thing or is williamsi just an old name.??

I suspect, particularly considering the name given to your Java Fern, that
the name they were trying for on your Crypt. was C.x willisii.  But I don't
think that was correct either, since C. x willisii is usually green.  It's
almost impossible to positively identify Crypts even when you have them in
your hand unless they are flowering, so long distance ID's with written
descriptions are fraught with danger.  Still, considering the size of the
plants, I would guess that you probably have a small red form of C.
wendtii.  It is a _very_ variable plant.

>I also picked up something called windlou. As it was nicknamed at the 
>auction - the spazzy java fern - I just had to get some. Its just like
>java fern but has a bushy top. Any more info on that would rule too

This, I'm sure of.  It is Microsorum pteropus 'Windelov'.  (the "o" is the
Danish one with the slash through it that my E-mail software doesn't
recognise)  It is named after Holger Windelov, owner of Tropica in Denmark,
and was developed, (or more correctly, "discovered"<g>) in their green

It is a truly lovely plant, and probably one of the best new additions to
commercially available aquarium plants in years.  It's just as sturdy as
standard Java Fern, and just as prolific. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Karen Randall
Aquatic Gardeners Association