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Re: Yeast method and strange things

Simone Vicini wrote, Sat., Nov. 15:

>A very strange thing is happening with my yeast method and my Tetra CO2
>bell. The problem is that a sort of strange white fur algae is covering my
>large leaves of echinodorus and is starting I think from the membrane of
>the reactor infact around the ring of the bell there is the same strange
>think moved by the water circulation.
>I think that maybe can be some yeast bacteria going in the aquarium and
>proliferating in there. Can this be possible? What can I do?
>Thanks in advance
>Simone Vicini (psvicini at mdnet_it)

From your description it sounds like a type of colorless cyanobacteria that
looks and moves under the microscope very much like Oscillatoria except for
the fact that it is colorless.  It seems to be a common inhabitant of the
mulm of my tanks and, most of the time, it is out of sight.  When the
lights are turned off for several days or when there is more decomposition
than usual, it shows up on the surface.  It is clearly saprophytic, and its
appearance near where you are introducing your CO2 indicates that it is
getting some kind of organic matter it is using for food.  If you are sure
that your yeast system isn't burping up some of the liquid, then maybe the
organisms are living on organic matter in the fumes of your 'good ole
mountain dew'.


Paul Krombholz in, chilly, drippy Jackson, Mississippi where the first hard
freeze is coming.