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Arizona Aquatics

I recently ordered plants from Arizona Aquatics to stock my 110g plant tank.   I have a mixed opinion of them. 

My tank was first setup in 11/93, and it took me about a year to achieve satisfactory results, largely due to information from this list. Thanks again to all the experts and practitioners who post here. Because of my early poor results I never was satisfied with the look of the tank which led me to take it down, replace the gravel, add new laterite and replace many of the original plants.

I ordered a variety of plants from Arizona Aquatics in September. Unfortunately, more than half arrived as "mush" due to the hot weather at the time (I live in Houston.) The problem as I see it and Peter at Arizona Aquatics agrees is that they ship on Thursday using priority mail. This means or at least it did in my case that the plants arrived Monday afternoon, too long a time for them, due to the 90F weather at the time. The plants that survived were good and are doing well.

Arizona Aquatics replaced the losses and reshipped. I delayed receipt of the replacements about a month so we would have cooler weather. The replacements arrived again on a Monday afternoon and all were in very good condition.  Arizona Aquatics never questioned me about the losses.  Rather, they wanted to correct the problem and get me the plants I ordered.

I do not have any reservations about ordering again from them. They have a good selection, I thought the quality was very good and their prices were excellent.   If you are concerned about the delivery problem I had, there are other more costly options available.

If you are wondering why they ship on Thursday, Peter explained it was the only schedule they can work with and still have some semblance of a family life as well as running the business.

Doug Skokna in Houston, TX where winter is making an early and unwelcome arrival.