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PMDD Ingredients

> Andy Moore asked:
> > Would someone be kind enough to comment on my water make-up for my planted
> > tanks ?

> > I then add PMDD (Including Sodium Nitrate - can`t get hold of Potassium
> > Nitrate) daily to ensure no nutrient/trace element inbalance.
> >
Roger Miller replied:

> I don't know what else might be in your PMDD mix, but it sounds like you
> might be missing potassium.  If you can't get potassium nitrate, then you
> might try potassium chloride (KCl). 

Andy, I would agree with Roger. Potassium is likely to be a limiting
factor unless you can find a way to add more to your PMDD mix. In
addition to Roger's suggestion that you use KCl if KNO3 is not
available, you might also look for K2SO4. 

Pat Bowerman in freezing NW Arkansas, carefully avoiding CAPS because
this list has gotten a little CRANKY. :)