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Re: Small Val. species

The nice thing about this hobby, regardless of how you test for minerals,
pH, etc., is that it is unusual for all plants to grow the same in every
well established aquarium.  Even aquarium next to each other, certain
plants will grow differently -- the lighting may not be exactly the same;
the fish may alter the water quality; there are so many factors involved. 
But, plants are so adaptable that they will grow in most cases.  In fact,
when found in the wild, many plants do not appear as they look in the
aquarium.  Yet, they are beautiful to look at and sometimes difficult to
identify from aquarium to aquarium.  Your vallisneria may be the same as
the other persons, but it is adapting to your conditions.  Most plants in
the wild are, IMO, very ugly -- but they are cultivated by growers and
become gorgeous.  You would never know that they are the same plant!