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Re:Small Val. species

>Subject: small vall sp.
Michael W. McGrath wrote Fri, Nov. 14:

>.....What are some vallisneria sp. that are on the smaller size. I
>have a 30g tank, and would like something that only grows to about
>16 inchs, give or take a few inchs. I don't mind it laying on the surface
>some, but the last bunch I picked up ended up covering about 6 inchs
>on the surface and I was losing plants. Oh well, hope to get some info

There is a small corkscrew Val that seldom gets to 16 inches, and often is
less than a foot.  It has had many names,including V. asiatica var.
biwaensis and V. natans, but Kasselmann, in Aquarienpflanzen, now calls it
Vallisneria americana var. biwaensis. It is your best bet.  In contrast to
another corkscrew Val. that has tightly twisted leaves which, also, are
much longer, this variety has a loose spiral, taking two to three inches to
do an 180 degree twist.

Paul Krombholz in, chilly, drippy Jackson, Mississippi where the first hard
freeze is coming.