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Water for planted tanks

Would someone be kind enough to comment on my water make-up for my planted
tanks ?

Fully de-ionised water with Magnesium Sulphate, Calcium Carbonate & Sodium
bi-carbonate added to give a GH reading of around 5-6 & a KH reading of
around 3-4.

I then add PMDD (Including Sodium Nitrate - can`t get hold of Potassium
Nitrate) daily to ensure no nutrient/trace element inbalance.

How does this sound ? It is no problem to do a 50% w/c every two weeks. Is
my tank likely to be deficient in anything or could I do better ?

NO3 readings are usually unreadable (unless I had a La-Motte kit like my Fe
kit) and this is why Nitrate is added. My PO4 levels are now around the
0.3-0.5 levels and very slowly rising between water changes. PH is kept at
6.8 by using a semi-automatic CO2 bottled dosing system.

Any comments would be appreciated - still a small problem with hair algae(red).

Andy M Moore - England
andy at ascot_u-net.com

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