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Concerning Power Compacts

   Has anyone had success with Power Compacts? I have heard from many who
brag about the lighting system they have, be it metal halide or VHO but what
I am interested in is someone who has experienced success or failure with
Power Compacts for the Large Aquarium. What they did and what they would do

    The specs on the lights seem interesting enough. 5600 k, 96 watt 36"
light, replace every 18 months, and they are very small (hence the name!)
Another great selling point was a reef setup at the pet store. In the same
space the store had two 75 gal reef tanks on top of each other. The bottom
tank had the Power Compacts and on the top tank they had the VHO lamps. The
VHO had more watts in the same space but the Power Compacts seemed a lot
brighter. The store sells the systems for the same price so at face value
they seem to not have any reason to push me toward the Power Compacts. Also
they didn't have a light meter to show measured results and the age of the
VHO lamps could easily have tipped the scales in the Power Compacts favor. 

    Now don't get me wrong, I have not made a buying decision yet, I just
would like to talk to someone who has had experience with them. That's all.
May I be ther first to wish everone a

             Happy Holidays!       

Jeromy Shepherd
Clearwater, Florida